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British Army
Selection Criteria For Recruit Intake 2019 
Education: Minimum SLC, 3rd Division or Equivalent. 

For those who sat their SLC from 2016 and on words, a minimum of 3 x C and 2 X D grades are required. 

For Recruitment in British Army: 
Must have a C Grade in Mathematics and English. 

For Recruitment in the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police FOrce,
Must have a C Grade in English 

Age: Between 18-21 years on Jan 1 , 2019 
Height: Min 158 cm 

Weight : Min 50 Kg

Glasses / Contact Lens : No Glass / Contact 

Teeth : No more than 4 Faults ; For Singapore only 2 Faults Accepted

Passport : Must Have MRP

Recruitment Date :

In Pokhara and Dharan :  26 May – 8 July


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