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The Mission of Nepal Red Cross Society is to relieve human suffering and to reduce vulnerability through mobilization of volunteers and participation from communities, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Without discrimination on grounds of religion, race, sex, class, caste, tribe, nationality or political belief, the Society’s purpose in Nepal is to serve war-victims, civilians and army personnel, to contribute to promoting and improving health conditions and prevention of disease, and to arrange emergency relief services for disaster victims. 

Job Vacancy: 
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How To Apply:

Read the Job Description and Apply as instructed. Application Form are available in the Central Office of Nepal Red Cross Society.

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Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) came into being in 1963. It was recognized by the ICRC in 1964 and affiliated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in the same year. NRCS has, over the years, grown to be the largest humanitarian organization in Nepal, with its network of District Chapters (DCs) extended in each of the 75 districts of the country. District Chapters receive organizational support from more than 800 Sub-Chapters and Co-operation Committees under them. A significant portion of its activities are also borne by students and youth volunteers of Nepal Junior and Youth Red Cross Circles organized at schools, campuses and communities
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