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Inventory lead is responsible for keeping up to date record and proper storage for all Karkhana product stock and packaging of standard kits that provides a hands-on learning experience to all middle school students in and outside of Nepal.

To fulfill this responsibility the Inventory lead will provide overall leadership for inhouse production of kits, proper storage, assembly of standard product and record keeping of Karkhana inventory.

The Inventory lead reports to the production and procurement lead. This role has the primary responsibility of maintaining stock of all inhouse production of standard kits.


  • Design and implement an inventory tracking system to optimize inventory control procedures
  • Examine the levels of supplies and raw material to determine shortages
  • Document daily deliveries and shipments to update inventory
  • Prepare detailed reports on inventory operations, stock levels, and adjustments
  • Ensuring the quality of Karkhana kits
  1. Check the purchase material and make sure they meet Karkhana kits standards
  2. Look after the packaging of the karkhana science kit
  • Make sure all production materials are tracked and stored properly
  • Maintain adequate stock of critical supplies for karkhana kits
  • Develop and implement inventory control procedures and best practices
  • Maintain a stock record in coordination with the Financial Officer
  • Set inventory weekly goals and execute the plan in coordination with production and procurement leads

Skills Required:

  • Planning skills for resources allocation
  • Computer skills, especially with inventory management software eg. ERP, spreadsheets and Tally
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Data analysis

Preferences and Requirements:

  • 1-2 years of experience, working in inventory
  • Education: no specific degree required. However, all intended degrees should be completed and candidates should be focused on their career
  • Know how to use the Tally


  • Compensation: Nrs 22,000 – Nrs 25000 in gross per month based on experience. (If someone is Worthy we can go for negotiable)
  • Communication Allowances
  • Learn the skill to use different types of management software and tools

To Apply 

Write a job application and CV to [email protected] with necessary information.

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