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Nepal Army: An Introduction

The Nepalese Army is the proud national army of sovereign and independent Nepal with an unbroken history since the year 1744 AD. The fact that Nepal and the Nepalese people have never been subjugated by any colonial power is a significant achievement of the Nepalese Army. King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great was the founder of the Nepalese Army. The modern history of the Nepalese Army started with the national unification campaign of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Initially, this army was called the Gorkhali Army as it served the house of Gorkha. The unification campaign demanded strong management of the army. The ranks of the Army of Gorkha, was opened to all Nepalese and the Gorkhali Army transformed into the Nepalese Army. Kazi Kalu Pande led the Gorkha Army during the initial battles namely Nuwakot, Kirtipur and many more. He was killed during the battle of Kirtipur on 1757 AD Therefore his contribution for the unification of Nepal is invaluable.

Recorded history of Nepal begins after 350 BC. Documented evidences, apart from the scriptures, are not available for periods before that. Different kings of different dynasties like Gopal, Mahishpal, Kirat and Lichchabi had ruled over this country during the Pauranic (ancient) Age. Capturing other principalities and invading territories through armed might was common practice. Records show that the institution of the army was initiated just after 350 AD. In those days, the neighboring countries, including China, Tibet and Southern states, known as India today, had armies of their own. Nepal had also maintained her military strength according to documents of the reigns of prominent Lichchavi kings, including Mandev, Shiva Dev, Narendra Dev and Anshuvarma. King Narendra Dev’s Nepal had extended the cooperation of 7,000 cavalry and 3,500 infantry troops in the year 647 AD at the request of China to attack a Southern kingdom.

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