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Detailed Job Description / Requirements:

Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST), a highly reputed non-profit organization, working to minimize girl trafficking and promote girl-child education in Rural Nepal for the past 25 years, is looking for highly motivated individuals to take our mission forward.

RHEST launched the STOP Girl Trafficking (SGT) Program in 18 districts in rural Nepal in 1993. Under the Stop Girl Trafficking initiatives RHEST team supports over 13,000 girls in 18 districts to be in school. The theory of change that RHEST follows is that by keeping girls who are at risk in school they are less likely to be trafficked, especially for sex work, and child labor.

The organization is looking for a capable, competent and motivated individual to take the program forward.

Background of the SGT Program

The STOP Girl Trafficking (SGT) program of Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST) has been working to educate children to make sure that they are not trafficked. We believe that we should “Keep at-risk girls in school and they don’t get trafficked for sex work, domestic slavery and they don’t become child brides”. Currently, USAID is supporting 3,800 girls in six districts– Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Surkhet and Sindhupalchowk under SGT program.

Through the collaboration of RHEST and USAID team, all the girls are given educational materials such as bags, stationeries, uniforms and so forth. Moreover, some of the schools have also received support to develop their infrastructure as well as technical supplies.  USAID funding is focused on preventing trafficking amongst the at- risk girls in Nepal. Among the 3,800 girls being funded by USAID, 2508 are from mid and far west and the other 1292 are from Sindhupalchowk (a priority earthquake- affected district, 1/3 of the total students).

Objectives of SGT Program

Objective 1: Providing support to the vulnerable girls to continue their education.

Objective 2:  Increasing partnership with community level protection mechanism to create a safe environment against human trafficking.

Objective 3: Increasing capacity of RHEST and its partner organization to reduce risk of girl trafficking.

Major activities 

The major activities conducted under the program are:

  • Distribution of stationery, school bags, uniforms and sweaters twice a year.
  • Financial contribution made to schools in all 6 districts.
  • Community level anti trafficking awareness and advocacy system established and conducting campaigns and awareness activities against social malpractices.
  • Trainings conducted for SGT Alumnae and RHEST staffs for capacity building.
  • Created MIS and data populated.

Scope of Study will include, but may not be limited to the following: 

  • Develop assessment and evaluation methodology and determination of samples location with appropriate sample size for the Assessment and Evaluation with representation from all working areas (rural and semi urban location) covering all social and ethnical groups in consultation with RHEST.
  • Preparation of Questionnaires for End line Assessment and Evaluation and finalize it in consultation with RHEST team.
  • Visit the communities and conduct Assessment and Evaluations with SGT Girls, their parents, community members, and other stakeholders.
  • Train the enumerators on questionnaire and data collection methods in coordination with RHEST team.
  • Understand the satisfaction, benefits, issues and document findings/learningwith beneficiaries/stakeholdersof the activities conducted by the RHEST team.
  • Assess whether the indicators on SGT are met.
  • To prepare separate reports on conducted Assessment and Evaluation.
  • To provide further recommendations on SGT activities to be delivered in the coming days.

Methodology and Tools

The End Line Assessment and End Term Evaluation need to follow both qualitative and quantitative methods. The methods and tools will be developed by the study team and finalized with RHEST team.

Data Analysis and Reporting

The collected data will be clearly tabulated, analyzed as well as presented using simple statistical methods like averages, percentages etc. Pictures, charts and graphs should be used to make the report understandable and legible. The report will be brief and supported by relevant, figures facts and diagrams. Initially, the draft report will be shared to RHEST SGT Team. The data will be integrated within the Assessment and Evaluation questionnaire.

RHEST Team Composition

The End Line Assessment and End Term Evaluation will be led by M&E Officer and technically supported by Program Manager, Program Officer and Field Officers.

Expected Deliverables

Deliverable A (End Line Assessment Report)

A comprehensive report including

1.Section A:

2.Assessment of results against SGT indicators and present changes against baseline

Section B: Answers to following assessment questions

3.What changes have occurred through the education materials distribution to SGT students?

4.Have the education materials been distributed on time? Were the materials different from other years?

5.Have the SGT students and other community members been a part of the advocacy campaigns?

6.What made your friend drop out of school? Are there ways to bring them back to the school?

7.What trainings have the RHEST staffs and alumnae received?

8.Have the trainings, exposure visit and workshops been effective? Which training was most helpful?

9.Do you know RHEST works with local level GOs and NGOs? Does it help you? If yes what are they?

Outcome tables, databases and supporting documentation to be attached as Annex

Deliverable B (End Term Evaluation)

1.What impact/changes has the SGT project had in the lives of the SGT students and their families?

2.Has SGT done what it pledged to do?

3.How is the effectiveness of empowerment approaches of RHEST in keeping the vulnerable girls out of trafficking?

4.What are the best practices adopted by SGT to have effective advocacy at community level, and how does that work?

5.How have the Target Population been supported?

6.What impacts did the SGT program have in the schools and community?

7.How have the field officers coordinated with the government and non-government agencies in local level? What are the benefits of such coordination?

8.Have the organizational capacity of RHEST and its network improved in dealing with SGT issue sustainably? What changes did the SGT training and backup support instigate in the lives of the alumnae to continue SGT initiatives at communities, and how?

9.How effective SGT have the approaches been in bringing changes in the community and in the lives of the Target Population, and what contributed to its effectiveness?

Additional deliverables

  • A detailed data on End Line Assessment and End Term Evaluation collected through appropriate tools and methodologies. (Annex to the reports)
  • A report of the conducted Assessment and Evaluation with good pictures and community voices. (Annex to the reports)
  • A detailed, accurate and articulated report on the status of the communities in project areas of   RHEST supported project. (Annex to the report)
  • Presentation to the RHEST SGT team:  After the completion of the field study and before the final reporting, a presentation to RHEST is expected on the findings and suggestions/ recommendations. Two presentation expected: (1) assessment and then (2) evaluation.
  • All supporting documents. (Annex to the reports)

 Reporting Line Manager

This work is to be delivered to SGT Program Manager and overseen by M&E Officer.

Duration of study Start date and completion date

Deliverable A:February 15, 2019- April 15, 2019

Deliverable B:March 01, 2019 – May 15, 2019

Payment Procedure

Payment for both Deliverable A and Deliverable B will follow the same procedure:

  • I installment: 20 % of the total cost after signing of contract and submission of detail work plan
  • II installment: 30 % after submission of Inception report with detail methodology for the Assessment and Evaluation and detail work plan
  • Final installment: 50 % after completion of Assessment and Evaluation, submission of final report and approval from RHEST

Technical Criteria for Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Experience of consultancy firm in End line Assessment and Evaluation
  • Report writing with previous evaluation experience required
  • Critical thinking on impact assessment
  • Experience of Team Leader
  • Experience of Team management

Documents for submission

  • Technical Proposal with the CV of lead consultant
  • Proposed Methodologies
  • Financial proposal with detailed budget breakdown
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate (during proposal submission)
  • Roles and responsibilities of each team member
  • Sample reports of previous similar undertakings. If required they will be kept confidential and returned in case of hard copies
  • References contact detail of at least 2 of previous clients worked with in similar assignment
  • Tentative work plan

Applying Procedure

Interested Firms/Individuals are requested to submit a Proposal through email: [email protected] by 25th January, 2019 by 5 pm, with the subject ‘Proposal for End Line Assessment and End Term Evaluation’. 

*Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further process. RHEST reserves the right to reject any or all applicants.

**Failure to abide by the applying procedure will result in immediate disqualification of application.

  • This job is expired!
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