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Detail of the job are given below. Overtime facilities will also be available.

Lt #214457
CountrySaudi Arabia
CompanyWjeen International Construction Co.,Ltd
Approval Date2018/11/01

SnSkillQualitySalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeOther ChargeTotal Fee
1STORE KEEPER101200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
2General Labor601000.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
3General Plumber301200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
4General Welder201200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
5CARPENTER BUILDING101200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
7Building Painter401200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
8Plaster Mason501200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
9IRON WORKER201200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00
10pipe factor101200.00YesYes210000.00010000.00


Final interview for the job will be on 11 November, 2018.

Reference number for this job post is 60134648.

How To Apply:

Manpower:  Rove International Private Limited

Post box number is 10472.

Address: Tilganga-9, Shambhumarga, Kathmandu. T

elephone number are 4486922 and 4486952.

Fax number is 4474184.

Mobile number are 9841769830 and 9851122669.

Email address is [email protected]

Image source: Madhyanha Daily Newspaper.

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