Miss World 2018

Top 5 Miss World 2018, Shrinkhala Didnot Make to Top 5

After the Competitive selection process, Top 5 in the Miss World has been announced. The selection was done from Five Different Continents and All the Continents winner was awarded to head to Top 5 in the Miss World. Here are the Final list of Miss World 2018 Top 5 Candidates. Belarus– Maria Vasilevich Jamaica– Kadijah Robinson Mexico–Vanessa Ponce Thailand–Nicolene Limsnukan

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Beauty With A Purpose by Miss Vietnam, 4th Place in Miss World 2018

Miss World | 2018 | EXCLUSIVE Beauty with a Purpose Presentation. An Inspirational BWAP 2018 presentation by Vietnam placing joint 4th place The care, skill and hard work that the contestants have invested in Beauty With A Purpose has inspired, motivated and empowered many around the world, making this such an integral part of the Miss World Philanthropic journey. Coming

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Miss World Top 30 Result, Miss Nepal in Top 30 Miss World , Miss World Top 15 Journey !!!!

Congratulations Nepal, Finally Our Miss World Nepal, Queen of Nepal 🙂 Shrinkhala Khatiwada is Officially in Top 30. Thank you so much Nepal. You have been amazing through the process.  The incredible unity of the Nepalese people has paid off and Shrinkhala has made us proud already. The decision of the Miss World Organization of Multimedia and Tourism Video Challange

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Miss World 2018 Interview Day !!! Shrinkhala Khatiwada Happiness While Miss World Bangladesh Takes over the Bus with Her Song

Miss World 2018 Interview Day !!! Contestants From the Miss World Just had their Interview done, Almost all the candidates were on their high spirit and confidence where they performed their interview session taken by the panelist from the Miss World Organization. Every year this Interview plays a vital role for their selection in Top 40 Miss World Candidates where

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