Anushka Shrestha in Miss World Top 40 – Miss World Journey – Miss World Nepal in Top 40 – Head to Head Challenge Winner

Miss World Nepal has Secured Position in Top 40 in Miss World 2019

Anushka is a 23-year-old gleaming beauty who stands 167 cm tall and hails from Kathmandu. She is a commerce graduate, who worked at one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia – CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). She graduated from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney with the Executive Dean’s commendation in 2017. This beauty enjoys public speaking, watching crime thrillers and television dramas.

The diva seems to be pretty confident for Miss World 2019, as she is preparing well for it. She is an optimistic and free-spirited diva who is all enthusiastic for the grand Miss World. With her experience and her well performances in the national pageants, the diva is definitely going to perform great in this international pageant.

Miss World 2019 Head to Head Challenge was held in nineteen groups since the beginning of the competition as the delegates fought to advance for the 10 guaranteed spots in Top 40. Since the groups have completed their challenges, the top 20 delegates (one from each group and one runner-up with most votes) have been announced who will move forward to the second leg of the competition.

Here are the Head to Head Challenge Group Winners of Miss World 2019 –

Group 1 (Albania, England, Guyana, Honduras, Korea, Peru)

The winner is Miss World Guyana 2019 Joylyn Anita Conway.

Group 2 (Cook Islands, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Russia)

The winner is Miss World Ireland 2019 Chelsea Farrell.

Group 3 (British Virgin Islands, Iceland, Laos, Nicaragua, South Sudan, Venezuela)

The winner is Miss World Venezuela 2019 Isabella Rodríguez Guzmán.

Group 4 (Armenia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, South Africa)

The winner is Miss World Mongolia 2019 Mandakh Tsevelmaa.

Group 5 (Guadeloupe, Hong Kong, Moldova, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka)

The winner is Miss World Moldova 2019 Elizaveta Cuznetsova.

Group 6 (Brazil, Curacao, Denmark, Ecuador, Malta, Northern Island)

The winner is Miss World Brazil 2019 Elís Miele Coelho.

Group 7 (Equatorial Guinea, Hungary, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Wales)

The winner is Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2019 Tya Janè Ramey.

Group 8 (Chile, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Paraguay, Scotland)

The winner is Miss World Paraguay 2019 Araceli Bobadilla.

Group 9 (Canada, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Portugal, Sierra Leone, Tunisia)

The winner is Miss World Indonesia 2019 Princess Megonondo.

Group 10 (Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Mexico, Nepal, Poland, Tanzania)

The winner is Miss World Nepal 2019 Anushka Shrestha.

Group 11 (Colombia, Costa Rica, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nigeria)

Group 12 (Belgium, Jamaica, Panama, Slovenia, Turkey, U.S. Virgin Islands)

The winner is Miss World Turkey 2019 Simay Rasimoglu.

Group 13 (Australia, El Salvador, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Puerto Rico, Slovakia)

The winner is Miss World Georgia 2019 Nini Gogichaishvili.

Group 14 (Bahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Haiti, India, Thailand)

The winner is Miss World India 2019 Suman Rao.

Group 15 (Antigua & Barbduda, Barbados, China, Greece, Samoa, Sweden)

The winner is Miss World China PR 2019 Li Peishan.

Group 16 (Argentina, Belarus, Finland, Kenya, Macau, Ukraine)

The winner is Miss World Belarus 2019 Anastasia Laurynchuk.

Group 17 (Aruba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Philippines, Rwanda)

The winner is Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Marquez Dee.

Group 18 (Cambodia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Uganda, Vietnam)

The winner is Miss World Uganda 2019 Oliver Nakakande.

Group 19 (Angola, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kyrgystan, Senegal)

The winner is Miss World Bangladesh 2019 Rafah Nanjeba Torsa.

The last contestant who moved forward with the most number of votes is Miss World Mexico 2019 Ashley Alvídrez Estrada.


Round 2

  •      Advanced to the Top 40 via the Head-to-Head challenge.
GroupCountry 1Country 2
1 Brazil Moldova
2   Nepal Indonesia
3 China Venezuela
4 Nigeria Belarus
5 Mexico Uganda
6 Philippines Turkey
7 Mongolia Guyana
8 Bangladesh India
9 Ireland Trinidad and Tobago
10 Paraguay Georgia



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