Are you Unemployed? The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is Providing Jobs for All

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has decided to provide labor-based employment to those who have lost their jobs due to covid. The metropolis has issued a notice on Friday requesting to contact the concerned ward office. The metropolis is going to provide employment to the people of the metropolis who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and are able to work in accordance with the ‘Rewards for Livelihood Procedure, 2077’. It is going to provide employment to all the unemployed people who are facing difficulties due to the epidemic.

Ishwar Man Dangol, spokesperson of the metropolis, said that the metropolis is going to provide employment to the unemployed two days a week to make it easier for the people of the metropolis to earn a living. “This program is aimed at the people who are struggling to make ends meet without employment due to covid,” he said. “They will be paid as per the norms set by the government of Nepal.” It is going to make life easier. ‘

The ward office will create jobs for the unemployed according to their skills and abilities and the concerned ward office will provide employment to them. Unless there is another alternative arrangement, the metropolis will provide employment to them two days in a week. Spokesperson Dangol also informed that a budget of Rs 400 million has been allocated.

Forms for employment have to be filled on the website of the metropolis. In addition to their identity, permanent and temporary address, age, rent, name and contact number of the landlord, number of dependent family and, if possible, previous employer details are also mentioned.

Provision of food through social organizations

Those who are unable to work on the information of the corporation have been requested to contact various human service ashrams or wards for the provision of food. The helpless, disabled and physically incapable residents of the metropolitan area have been asked to contact the nearest ward office or directly to the human service ashram for food, accommodation and health treatment at the human service ashram run in collaboration with the metropolis.

The statement said, “In order to protect health risk, infection risk and social prestige and human rights, it has been decided to close food service in public places and open areas from next 2 November. Social organizations are requested to operate food service in other closed structures following health standards.” Necessary coordination and support will be provided by Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Ward Office in this work.

Earlier, food service was started in public places due to lack of public transport, but now it has been closed due to overcrowding due to public transport and problems in implementation of health standards.

Spokesperson Dangol said that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been conducting relief distribution, collective food service, infection control and prevention activities as per its resources, means and capabilities in line with the declared policy of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, “No one suffers from hunger, no one dies from hunger” and “Kathmandu is a city of humanity”.

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