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Banke UNESCO Club

Banke UNESCO Club is a non-government organization established in 1990 and registered under the District Administration Office and affiliated to Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. Although UNESCO club allows its name to be used by clubs throughout the world, the title implies no official link between UN and it does not get financial support from the UN. The establishment of this club has been inspired by the ideals of non-violence, social justice, self-reliance, sustainable development and volunteerism. The organization is dedicated to the ideals of holistic and integrated development based on a harmonious balance of socio-culture, material. Scientific and environmental aspects. The dawn of democracy recently has opened the new vistas of tackling the issues of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases in Nepal by NGO's through the initiatives of the people themselves. Existing Social Mobilization Activities: The existing activities of Banke UNESCO Club are : i) Education and Awareness Program, ii) Women and Empowerment Program, iii) Health Service Program, iv) Income Generating Program, v) Environment and Sanitation, vi) Radio Program, and vii) Madarsa Registration Movement, viii) Skill Development Program, ix) Culture Conservation Program. Capability Building Activities: To enhance the knowledge and skills of the women during 1998 to till, Banke UNESCO Club has implementing training in various like: i) group management orientation, ii) leadership and management training, iii) business literacy training, iv) Handicraft training etc. Collaboration with Local Bodies: Banke UNESCO Club has collaboration with various local government bodies/office, like: i) District Development Committees, Banke for Drinking water; ii) District Education Office, Banke; iii) District Public Health Office, Banke; iv) District Agriculture Office, Banke and v) 25 VDCs of Banke. Working with Local CBOs: Banke UNESCO Club has working with local CBOs for Girls Education to strengthen their capability to execute the various programs for the rural poor/disadvantaged groups and women.
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