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Biocomp Nepal

Biocomp Nepal is a socially and environmentally responsible private company, developed in cooperation with the Foundation Biocomp Nepal in The Netherlands. The main objective of the company is to process organic waste into compost, reducing methane emissions otherwise caused in traditional landfills (methane recovery).Biocomp Nepal stands for:
  • Creating value instead of waste and reduce green house gas emissions
  • Providing long term jobs to the local community
  • Helping farmers to produce organic and high quality vegetables and fruits
The main objectives are:
  • Collect and treat 20 – 50 tons of municipal organic waste per day
  • Produce high quality organic compost
  • Hire, train and employ over 30 people
  • Move farmers towards organic agriculture by providing training and high quality organic fertilizer
  • Create a long term sustainable and profitable business
 Biocomp Nepal operates from a viewpoint of respect for people, animals, vegetation, ecosystems and climate and strives to make a positive impact on each and every aspect of its working environment.
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