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Hilltake is an ISO 9001:2008 certified group of company established in 1992 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kamal Jain. It has grown since then into a conglomerate of many companies including, electrical and refrigeration industries. Hilltake has always been the herald of advancement that brought tomorrow’s technology to us, leading Nepal’s part of the technology to what it is, today.Our vision at Hilltake is to reach out to every customer individually analyzing and realizing their demands, wants and comfortability with our product making sure that our every customer is satisfied with what they get from us. We know that every customer is an individual with his/her own special needs. We service those needs with our wide range of products with different specifications catering to what you need for, ask for and what for.Hilltake group is known for it’s excellence in all fields, ranging from day to day necessities to sophisticated high-tech products all delivered with 100% quality making sure to fulfill every requirement we are proposed, with a huge selection of products at hand like water tanks, water purifiers, water pumps, generators, PPR/CPVC pipes and many more.
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