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National Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (NDRC)

National Disaster Risk Reduction Center (NDRC) Nepal is found in 2003 with likeminded professionals in Disaster Management in Nepal. It has been formally registered with District Administration Authority and Social Welfare Council under Government of Nepal in 2007. Thus, NDRC Nepal is a professional association of individual professionals within the development sector in Nepal, which are concerned with disaster management.NDRC Nepal aims to assist and work closely with the Government and non government, civil society institutions providing technical backstopping and facilitation towards Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives, includes; Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation, Research and Advocacy, Knowledge Management - Awareness, training, workshop, symposium and Policy debate activities in Nepal. NDRC Nepal allows and encourages promoting effective coordination and communication as well developing knowledge initiatives with its all stakeholders in Nepal.The main purpose of NDRC Nepal is to enhance the capacity and improve the performance of Nepalese agencies toward achieving the WCDR HFA (2005 - 2015) goal and objectives in Nepal through sharing, designing, implementing and institutionalizing disaster preparedness in Nepal.In addition, NDRC Nepal aims to promote and spread sustainable disaster preparedness and management activities with a view to link disaster risk reduction to millennium development goal (MDG) throughout Nepal's development efforts.It Endeavors to promote and advocate to development institutions and individual practitioners the need and importance of linking disaster risk reduction to development for a sustainable development initiatives and reduce the negative impact of any disaster prone country like Nepal.
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