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Sahid Memorial Hospital

Making a nation prosperous is possible only through its healthy citizens. The primary responsibilities of any state include the extension of affordable, reliable and modern technology based quality health service to the public. In the context of Nepal, the health service in the government level hasn’t be reasonable, qualitative, sufficient and effective due to the geographical diversity, uncontrolled population growth and the lack of proper management. On the other hand we shouldn’t forget the bitter fact that the health service provided by the private health institutions like hospital, nursing homes and polyclinics is very expensive and unreachable to the Nepali people suffering from price hikes and poverty. High child and mother death rates are its burning examples. Affordable, reliable and quality health service has become an essential demand of all the Nepalese, especially of the middle and low class people. With high evaluation of known and unknown martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for the end of the feudal cultures and autocracy, practiced for ages and for democracy leading to republic and institutionalized sustainable peace, to shoe deep reverence for them and get inspired by them, “Martyr Memorial Public Health Cooperative Society Limited” has been founded in the campaign of cooperatives, with collections of small amounts of money from different individuals, aiming at extending affordable, reliable, modern technology-based quality health service to the Nepalese people, especially those who are poor and deprived, and under its investments and directions.
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