Live Interview with BWAP Winner Miss Nepal by Miss World Social Media Correspondent Jay Kamiraz

We are Live from the Mangrove Tree Resort with BWAP WINNER MISS NEPAL and one of the judges at this prestigious event Deborah Lamby Miss New Zealand 2015 Led by Miss World Social Media Correspondent Jay Kamiraz

We had a lovely brief interview on the @missworld official Facebook page with Miss world New Zealand 2015 who was one of the judges of our BWAP project. Sadly, the internet connection got cut off in the middle.

The second question was What have you learned from this experience and I’ve realized that change doesn’t necessarily have to be big. It can be the smallest of things like listening to your friend who’s in mental stress or taking out little time out of your lives to volunteer and if you are someone with a strong voice, you need to do your best to use it for the voiceless. The first step might be difficult but, if you have good intentions, people will definitely extend their support towards you.

Thankful for all the experiences and opportunities. Can’t wait to get back to what we’ve started and see it grow ❤️
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