Miss Universe 2018 Dramas, Scandals and Rumors, Miss USA, Miss Colombia, Miss Vietnam, Miss Combodia Dramas

Theres a lot going in Miss Universe 2018 which is currently happening in Thailand. Dramas has started from Stealing allegations to Mocking other contestants about their english speaking capabilities to low quality of Internet and rooms in the Hotel.

Controversy !!!!
There is a video viral on the Instagram that shows Miss Colombia’s attitude, some fan thinks that Miss Colombia Stole Miss Australia Gifts.

Another Drama that was viral on Instagram. In the video it shows that Miss USA, Colombia and Australia who talks about the weakness of Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam who cannot speak English.

Miss USA has already apologized to Miss Cambodia and said it was just a misunderstanding. 

Another Scandal of Miss Ecuador who is talking bad about the condition of hotel where they stay and saying no internet in the Hotel while peru is saying to shut up and not say in the video

Check out the Video :

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