Nepali girl raped in Indian Embassy, UAE , Is Nepal Sleeping ?? Its time to Wake Up

On 11th January, 2017 Mr. Pawan Kumar Rai, Head of Security at Indian embassy in UAE was called to UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Pawan Kumar is an Under Cover RAW officer in the Indian Embassy in UAE. He was called to explain his position in connection with helping a rapist flee UAE which is a severe crime according to UAE law.


On Left is ” Huma / Himani ” , On Right is ” Accused Security Head Pawan : ” Photo / CJ Post

According to the reports, in Dec, 2016 Mr. Pawan Kumar, head of security at Indian Embassy UAE, hired a private company “Spark Security Services” of Abu Dhabi for guard duties inside the embassy. The embassy, from among the newly hired staff, appointed a girl Huma alias Himani as their receptionist.

A permanent security guard employed by the Spark Security Services named Bajnath one night raped Huma alias Himani inside the Indian embassy’s premises. Wounded and terrified Huma dragged herself to the head of Embassy’s security Mr. Pawan Kumar Rai but he shunned the girl.

Mr. Pawan Kumar instead of helping the girl, arranged a flight for Bajnath back to India. Since Huma alias Himani is Nepali by origin, her rape was a routine matter for the RAW officer. After helping Bajnath Yadav escape UAE, Mr. Pawan Kumar Rai terminated contract with Spark Security Services.
Huma (Himani) reported the matter to UAE police. The UAE police in turn wrote to UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which called Mr. Pawan Kumar to explain his position. Mr. Pawan Kumar failed to justify his actions in front of the Ministry officials. As a result he was ordered to leave the country within 72 hrs. Indian Ambassador at the UAE, Mr. Navdeep Singh Suri personally visited the MOFA of UAE, and used his personal influence to pressurize UAE officials
According to our source, Indian MOFA and NSA Ajit Kumar Doval are trying to hush up the case. They have asked the UAE government to stay quiet offering to take disciplinary action against Mr. Pawan Kumar in India.
This happens at a time when UAE is participating in India’s Republic Day celebrations

Source: The CJ Post

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