Simal Rai – Taxi Driver From Dharan Returns Gold World 3000 USD

Salue to Taxi Driver !!! Taxi Driver Returns the bag containing gold ornaments which is worth around 3 lakhs 50 thounds to the Metropolitan Traffic Department after the women passenger had left them in his taxi. Taxi Driver is from Dharan, Sunsari and he is currently living in Bhimsengola Kathmandu.

It was early morning, around 4:30 am the Taxi Driver Simal Rai was up and ready for his normal day. Mr. Basanta Bhusal, 28 years old of Bajhkateri -3 Gulmi hired his taxi for the journey from Anamnagar to Naikap.

After Simal Rai, the taxi driver dropped Basanta in Naikap and returned to Kalanki for his next trip, he found a bag in the back seat of his taxi. Before going for the next trip, he searched the bag and out of curiousity he found that that bag contained the gold ornaments and cash.

He quickly headed to the Metropolitan Police Department with his findings and approached the Metropolitan Traffic Department to hand the bag to the traffic police personnel at around 6:30 am in the morning.

A traffic policeman handing over valuables returned by a taxi driver to the owner, in Kathmandu, on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Photo: THT

Traffic Police handed the bag of gold and cash to Soniya Bhusal, Younger sister of Basanta Bhusal, in the presence of Simal Rai, at around 8:30 am after verifying the identification of the owner of the valuables. The bag contained 8 Gold Items and Cash of Rs. 6,123 in the ladies purse.

We like to thank our honest taxi driver ” Simal Rai” for his honesty.

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