Special Announcement by Miss World Chairman Julia Morley

Julia MorleyJulia Evelyn Morley (born 2 October 1939) is a British businesswoman, charity worker and former model. She is the Chairman of the Miss World Organization which runs the annual Miss World and biennial Mister World competition.

She made the special Announcement After the QA of the Top 5 Candidates by the Former Miss World.

She said that  she will be joining the  Top 5 Finalist of the Beauty With A Purpose and the Top 5 winner of the Miss World  in helping the countries all over the world. 

Julia Morley will be joining the Nepal as well as Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss World Nepal, Winner of Miss World 2018 Beauty with A purpose is the winner and she will be accompanying with other 4 finalist from BWAP and 5 Finalist of Miss world top 5 Miss World 2018

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