Twitter Suspends President Donald Trump Recent Tweets

Twitter has Suspended the Twitter Account Tweets of President Donald Trump following the Video requesting the Protesters to go Home after the Violent actions demonstrated on Capitol Building.

One lady was shot and was declared Dead and numerous people injured with Clashes between the demonstrators and Washington Police.

Twitter has blocked users from liking, retweeting or otherwise sharing one of President Donald Trump’s most recent tweets. It’s still possible to retweet with comment.

Mr Trump posted a video in which he called on the rioters storming the US Capitol to “go home,” but he yet again baselessly claimed that the election he lost in November was fraudulent.

Twitter Flagged the Video when President Trump Called the Election was Fraudulent .

Reactions from all over the world suggests the darkest last days of any outgoing US President. It is unlikely that President Trump will be present on the Inauguration Ceremony of 46th President of US President Elect-Joe Biden Two weeks Later.

Todays episode of violence on the Capitol Building has raised many questions as the World Looked upto USA for its Democratic Practice. Joe Biden has said He will reconstruct what has been destroyed.


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