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REED Nepal

In 2000, Rural Education and Environment Development Centre (REED-Nepal)  was established with the goal of ensuring quality education for Nepali children. REED-Nepal was founded as the Nepali NGO to consolidate the Teacher Training Programs carried out by the the Himalayan Trust New Zealand (also known as the Hillary Himalayan Trust NZ). Since its inception, REED-Nepal has followed Sir Hillary’s footsteps to mountainous regions; North East of Nepal, the home of Mount Everest and Himalayas.  Annually, REED-Nepal works with 230 schools, over 8000 thousand teachers and community members over the mountainous terrain.

REED-Nepal has a holistic approach to ensuring quality education. The organisation works with teachers, school management committees, parents and community members. With the support of its funding partners,  Australian Himalayan Foundation,  Himalayan Trust New Zealand and Himalayan Trust UK, REED-Nepal has 4 key programs.

  1. Teacher training
  2. School Supplies and Infrastructure
  3. Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students
  4. Community Orientation Program
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