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An online application for employment in Japan has been open since Friday. Anyone wishing to visit Japan can apply online.

The online application, which starts on Friday, will be available until October 1. According to the Japan Foundation, even if everyone who wishes to apply, only a thousand people will be able to attend the language test for Japanese employment. Applicants will be selected through a lucky draw with the help of software from among the applicants.

Japan is taking Nepali workers for nursing care in the first phase. For the language test, Japan will select one thousand through lucky draws. Only those who pass the language test can go to Japan for caregiver. Japan will publish the results only on October 7 for the language test. As chosen by the lucky draw on October 1, you will get the voucher only after paying Rs.

Japan is an attractive country for Nepali workers. The number of people wanting to visit Japan is high because of the convenience of services like Japanese. More than one million people are said to be studying Japanese. Japan plans to test the language and skills by making a short list through a lucky drum, with signs indicating that the number of people wanting to go to Japan will be higher. There is no charge for applying for a language test.

Japan will conduct computer-based language and skill tests from the Universal Language and Computer Institute. The first phase exam will be held on November 7, 8 and 9. Likewise, the language and skills test is scheduled to be held in the second phase on November 19, 7 and 8 and in the third phase on November 3, 6 and 9.

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Deepak Dhakal, said that the number of people willing to go to Japan would be easily known when the application was opened for all. He said that if there was arrangement to apply for only one ezar, there would be problems. He said that the experience of the Care Giver examination will help to further organize the upcoming exam. “As Japan is examining for the first time for employment, we will go ahead with more experience in the coming days,” he said.

Japan is preparing to take foreign workers from nine countries, including Nepal. Workers in the fields of agriculture, nursing care, automotive maintenance, food service industry, construction industry are getting ready. Similarly, workers from Japan are going to take foreign workers in food and beverage production, housing industry, machinery industry, fishery business, industrial equipment industry, electric, electronic and information technology industry, building cleaning management, ship and ship parts industry and aviation industry.

Although Japan has announced that it will take more than three million workers from 5 countries within five years, it is not clear how many workers will be recruited from which country. Japan is going to conduct a language test in the first phase in preparation for taking workers from the Philippines, Nepal and Vietnam.

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