Mini Cruise – Boat operated in Narayani River – Province No. 3

While the private sector is preparing to launch a cruise on the Narayani river with the direct support of the province, the private sector has operated a separate mini cruise on the Narayani river.
Rangmahal River Land Pvt Ltd has launched a mini cruise. The formal start of this will be done by Damani flowering plant, said Raman Bhattarai, president of Pvt. “We have just started a test drive. We will formally start it from the vase, ”said Bhattarai. The mini cruise is in the form of a small watercraft at a glance. It is known by the name of the local waterman. The mini-cruise was first tested on the Narayani River only on Sunday. Test drive was also issued on Monday. “Right now we will be able to operate it with five passengers,” said Bhattarai, chairman.
Along with the mini-cruise, Pvt has also launched two jet skis, two riverboats and a boat. For this, the Pvt Ltd has invested around Rs. 350 million. Rangmahal River Land Pvt.  organization registered in the registrar’s office and  has been approved by the Ministry of Atmosphere for the operation of a mini-cruise on the Narayani river, and permission has been obtained from the Ministry of Tourism and the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation. It has also Passed the EIA. The mini-cruise, which made Buddha Park in Narayangarh’s shores Narayani bank its center, will operate from mini-cruise Devghat to Golghat. “We intend to use a mini-cruise for tourism promotion,” he said.
A mini-cruise also came to Narayani when a cruise of about 200 seats was being prepared on the Narayani River.

Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is making the cruise with the direct support of the province. Although it was planned to operate the cruise decades ago, it would still take a month to operate due to technical reasons, said Ram Chandra Kandel, managing director of Rhino. The cruise will also operate in Narayani in November. “The state government has provided a grant of one million rupees for the construction of the cruise parking lot,” Kandel said, adding that while the port is being constructed, it is also intended to prevent the erosion of the Narayani river.
Kendal said that it would cost Rs. 100 million till the time of the cruise operation and only Rs. “There will be two hundred seats on a two-and-a-half-year cruise,” Kandel said, adding, “Our plan is to make arrangements for the cruise to be provided with food, even food.”
The mini-cruise operated by Rangmahal River Land Pvt. The mini-cruise on the Narayani River has become a new attraction as the tourist year approaching. Chitwan Tourism Development Committee general secretary Biswas Prasad Subedi said that the cruise would still increase with the launch of the cruise.

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